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In patients with moderate renal impairment baseline creatinine clearance 30 to 50 ml min , a dose reduction to 75 of the xeloda starting dose when used as monotherapy or in combination with docetaxel from 1250 mg m 2 to 950 mg m 2 twice daily is recommended see use in specific populations and clinical pharmacology .

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In both trialsoverall survivaltime to progression and response ratecomplete plus partial responseswere assessedResponses were defined by the World Health Organization criteria and submitted to a blinded independent review committeeIRCDifferences in assessments between the investigator and IRC were reconciled by the sponsorblinded to treatment armaccording to a specified algorithmSurvival was assessed based on a non-inferiority analysis.

Figure 5 Kaplan-Meier Estimates of Survival XELODA and Docetaxel vs Docetaxel.

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Diarrhea nausea vomiting mouth and throat sores loss of appetite or decreased appetite excessive water loss from the bodydehydrationhand-foot syndrome irregular periods this can include temporary cessationusually resume after medication is completedor permanent cessation of menstrual periods depending on your age and other factors.

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5 10 l and or thrombocyte counts of 100 10 l should not be treated with xeloda.


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