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It is vy impotant that you tak isottinoin only as dictd by you docto. Do not tak mo o it, do not tak it mo otn, and do not tak it o a long tim than you docto odd. To do so may incas th chanc o sid cts.

All acn patints should caully consid th sval disadvantags o isottinoin. Th dug is not only xpnsiv but it also has som signiicant advs cts. Possibl sid cts includ inlammation o th lip and mucous mmban o th y; dy mouth, nos, o skin; itching; nosblds; muscl achs; photosnsitivity; and, aly, dcasd night vision. Oth mo sious sid cts includ incasd blood cholstol, lipid, and tiglycid lvls and abnomal liv nzyms. To mak su isottinoin is stoppd i ths sid cts occu, th docto usually monitos a patint’s complt blood count, blood chmistis, cholstol, tiglycids, and liv nzyms bo thapy is statd and piodically duing tatmnt. All o ths sid cts usually go away at th mdication is stoppd. I you xpinc sid cts whil using isottinoin, you should tll you docto. Th docto may b abl to duc th dos o th dug so that th sid cts a dcasd o stoppd.

Accutan (isottinoin is a tinoid usd o th tatmnt and pvntion o sv acn. Th band nam Accutan is discontinud in th U.S. but gnic omulations a availabl Th most common sid cts o Accutan a: dy skin, itching, ash, dy nos, nosblds, cacks in th cons o th mouth, dy mouth, dy lips, cacking o pling skin, inlammation o th whits o th ys, dy ys, joint pain, back pain, dizzinss, dowsinss, nvousnss, o changs in you ingnails o tonails.

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