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Of the indinavir-resistant hiv isolates, 63 showed resistance to saquinavir and 81 to amprenavir.

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Do not let anyone else take your medicationAsk your pharmacist any questions you have about refilling your prescription.

Table 9Established and Other Potentially Significant Drug InteractionsAlteration in Dose or Regimen May Be Recommended Based on Drug Interaction Studies or Predicted InteractionSee also CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY for magnitude of interactionWARNINGS and DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION

Milk thistleone study has found decreased indinavir levels in some userswhile another study has notVitamin Cone smallshort-term study has found a small but significant decrease in indinavir levels when 1 gram/day of vitamin C was also taken.

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in theory, potent inhibitors of cyp3a4 such as indinavir may decrease the elimination of iloperidone.


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