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Avoid gtting up too ast om a sitting o lying position, o you may l dizzy. Gt up slowly and stady yousl to pvnt a all.

NOTS: Do not sha this mdication with oths.Listyl changs such as stss duction pogams, xcis, and ditay changs may incas th ctivnss o this mdicin. Talk to you docto o phamacist about listyl changs that might bnit you.Laboatoy and/o mdical tsts (.g., sodium and potassium blood lvls, kidny unction) should b pomd om tim to tim to monito you pogss o chck o sid cts. Consult you docto o mo dtails.Chck you blood pssu gulaly whil taking this mdication, spcially whn you ist stat this dug o whn you dos is changd. Lan how to monito you own blood pssu at hom, and sha th sults with you docto.

Always consult you halthca povid to nsu th inomation displayd on this pag applis to you psonal cicumstancs.

Tak th mdicin as soon as you can, but skip th missd dos i it is almost tim o you nxt dos. Do not tak two doss at on tim.

Conditions that may caus vy low blood pssu includ: vomiting, diaha, havy swating, hat disas, dialysis, a low salt dit, o taking diutics (wat pills). Tll you docto i you hav a polongd illnss that causs diaha o vomiting.

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