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Heroin blocker prevents relapse naltrexone treatment helps to reduce and eliminate craving for drugs naltrexone implants is the most effective cure in heroin addiction treatment slow released opioid antagonist naltrexone blocks the receptors and heroin effects for the long period of time naltrexone implant is the most effective modern cure in heroin addiction treatment.

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In an emergency situation in patients receiving fully blocking doses of REVIAa suggested plan of management is regional analgesiaconscious sedation with a benzodiazepineuse of non-opioid analgesics or general anesthesia.

Depressionparanoiafatiguerestlessnessconfusiondisorientationhallucinationsnightmaresbad dreams.

Clinicians are reminded that there is no completely reliable method for determining whether a patient has had an adequate opioid-free periodA naloxone challenge test may be helpful if there is any question of occult opioid dependenceIf signs of opioid withdrawal are still observed following naloxone challengetreatment with REVIA should not be attemptedThe naloxone challenge can be repeated in 24 hours.

There is also the possibility that a patient who is treated with REVIA could overcome the opioid blockade effect of REVIAAlthough REVIA is a potent antagonistthe blockade produced by REVIA is surmountableThe plasma concentration of exogenous opioids attained immediately following their acute administration may be sufficient to overcome the competitive receptor blockadeThis poses a potential risk to individuals who attempton their ownto overcome the blockade by administering large amounts of exogenous opioidsAny attempt by a patient to overcome the antagonism by taking opioids is especially dangerous and may lead to life-threatening opioid intoxication or fatal overdosePatients should be told of the serious consequences of trying to overcome the opioid blockadesee PATIENT INFORMATION

Keep all appointments with your doctor and the laboratoryYour doctor may order certain laboratory tests to check your body’s response to naltrexone.

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