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The study concludes that regular use of brahmi as a supplement could be more helpful compared to gotu kola in the treatment of neurological disorders caused by free radical damage 14.

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When the leaves of the brahmi plant are rubbed topically on affected parts of the bodythe compounds released can reduce swelling and eliminate irritationas well as inflammation inside the body as wellThis is ideal for people suffering from arthritisgoutand other inflammatory conditions.

Information regarding safety and efficacy in pregnancy and lactation is lacking.

The saponins were found to have anthelmintic activity using Celegans as a test organism14 They are also reported to be hemolytic27.

Bacopa might increase levels of certain chemicals in the body that work in the brainheartand elsewhereSome drying medications calledanticholinergic drugscan also these same chemicalsbut in a different wayThese drying medications might decrease the effects of Bacopaand Bacopa might decrease the effects of drying medications.

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stress-induced conditions like inflammation and high blood pressure can be reduced with regular use of brahmi in some form.


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