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Dpssion that is long lasting and/msv than th “low moods” that vyon has om tim ttim du tth stss vyday li. Dpssion is thought tb causd by a chmical imbalanc in pats th bain. This imbalanc acts you whol body and can caus motional and physical symptoms such as ling low in spiit, loss intst in activitis, bing unabl tnjoy li, poapptit ovating, distubd slp, loss sx div, lack ngy and lings guilt. obsssiv-compulsiv disods (OCD) and phobias in adults. muscl waknss in popl with a slp disod calld nacolpsy.

It is impotant ttak this mdication xactly as pscibd by you docto. I you miss a dos, tak it as soon as possibl and continu with you gula schdul. I it is almost tim you nxt dos, skip th missd dos and continu with you gula dosing schdul. Dnot tak a doubl dos tmak up a missd on. I you a not su what tdat missing a dos, contact you doctphamacist advic.

Signs allgy such as ash, itching hivs on th skin; swlling th ac, lips, tongu oth pat th body; shotnss bath, whzing toubld bathing constant “lu-lik” symptoms (chills, v, sthoat, aching joints, swolln glands, tidnss lack ngy) unusual blding buising pain in th stomach abdomn that is sv dosn’t gaway ast igula hat bat (pounding, acing, skipping bats) muscl numbnss, tingling spasms waknss loss balanc sv dizzinss dowsinss ainting splls sizus (its) diiculty in spaking slud spch unusually high ngy, iitability outbusts ang conusion hallucinations (sing, haing ling things that a not th) qunt passing lag amounts uin yllow colou tth skin ys y pain symptoms lik agitation, conusion, diahoa, high tmpatu, incasd blood pssu, xcssiv swating and apid hatbat (syndom causd du tincas in natually occuing mssng, sotonin) a suddn incas in body tmpatu, xtmly high blood pssu and sv convulsions.

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anafranil can cause dry mouth, which may increase the risk of dental caries.


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