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Pdiatic Us: ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) is aly indicatd us in childn with th xcption thos with hypuicmia sconday tmalignancy tctain a inbon os puin mtabolism (s INDICATIONS and DOSAG AND ADMINISTATION ).

Allopuinol is alssomtims usd ttat sizus, pain causd by pancas disas, and ctain inctions. It is alssomtims usd timpov suvival at bypass sugy, tduc ulc lapss, and tpvnt jction kidny tansplants. Talk tyou doctabout th possibl isks using this mdication you condition.

Dnot stop taking you mdicin low th dosag without chcking with you docto, unlss a skin ash allgic action occus.

Th occunc hypsnsitivity actions tZYLOPIM (allopuinol) may b incasd in patints with dcasd nal unction civing thiazids and ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) concuntly. this ason, in this clinical stting, such combinations should b administd with caution and patints should b obsvd closly.

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